Transfer Students

Policy & Tuition for Transfer Students

  1. Tennessee State Law requires a loss of ALL hours attained after seven (7) years of non-attendance for those students who did not previously complete the 1,500 hour Cosmetology program, the 600 hour Nail Technician program, or the 750 Esthetics program. Tennessee School of Beauty will accept all transfer hours that are accepted by the Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology.
  2. Students must have, or must purchase those items of equipment in fitted training kits issued by the TSB to students attending this school. The textbook must be current and the same as TSB uses.
  3. Students must furnish to TSB, or make arrangements to have furnished to us the following:
    • Three (3) copies of your High School diploma or GED;
    • Three (3) copies of your Driver’s License or Birth Certificate;
    • Three (3) copies of your Social Security Card;
    • One (1) Transcript of Cosmetology School credits/hours;
    • Two (2) pictures of yourself that the school may keep;
    • A $99.00 Technology fee;
    • If on Financial Aid, all appropriate Financial Aid information.
  4. Students must sign a TSB contract, satisfactory progress (attendance and academic) forms, and drug-free statements.
  5. A Tennessee School of Beauty diploma will be issued only to those students who satisfactorily meet our graduation requirements. NO DIPLOMA WILL BE ISSUED TO STUDENTS ATTENDING TSB FOR LESS THAN 750 HOURS. Only those students attending 750 hours or more will be entitled to the TSB privileges offered to our regular graduates, such as: TSB Diploma, Placement Assistance for Life, additional Refresher Training for up to 5 years at no additional charge, etc. Those students who take less than 500 hours will spend the majority of their time working on the salon/spa floor to build up speed and their time preparing for their State Board Examination. Those students who take more than 500 hours will also spend time in advanced classes.
  6. Students taking less than 750 hours must pay tuition/kit fees in full. No budget plan is available. For students taking 750 hours or more, a budget plan is available.
  7. Listed below are the amount of hours you are transferring and the corresponding tuition rates:
    • 001-299 hours* $14,995
    • 300-399 hours* $13,995
    • 400-499 hours* $12,995
    • 500-599 hours* $11,995
    • 600-699 hours* $10,995
    • 700-750 hours* $9,995
    • 751-1499 hours $18.00 per clock hour

    * Will be considered a TSB Graduate and receive all TSB benefits.  Updated 03/2014.

 We look forward to helping you finish your training.