Refund Policy

A student (or in case of a student under legal age in Tennessee, his/her parent or guardian) may cancel their enrollment, in writing, within three business days after an agreement/contract has been signed and all monies will be refunded. The cancellation date will be determined by the date on written notification, or the date on the information delivered to the school administrator/owner.

If a student cancels their enrollment after the three business days of signing but prior to entering classes, they shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid to the school.

If a student is not accepted by the school, all monies paid to the school will be refunded.

For students who enroll in and begin classes the following schedule of tuition adjustment is authorized:

Percentage of Enrollment Time
to Total Time of Course
Amount of Total Tuition School
Shall Receive or Retain
.01% to 4.9% 20%
5% to 9.9% 30%
10% to 14.9% 40%
15% to 24.9% 45%
25% to 49.9% 70%
50% or more 100%


Training equipment and personal supplies are listed as separate items. They become yours upon payment and are non-refundable.