History of TSB

History of TSB

Tennessee School of Beauty was founded in 1930 by Mrs. Jean Brown of Knoxville, TN.

Soon after, her son, C. B. Brown entered into the family business. To further upgrade and enhance the profession, Mr. Brown organized and served as the first president of the Tennessee Association of Beauty Schools. Since that time, he served several terms as President of the Association. He also served as President of the National Association of Cosmetology Schools and as an elected Commissioner on the National Accreditation Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences.

C. B. Brown, along with his son Gordon, and grandson Adam have consistently strived to elevate the educational concepts in the field of Cosmetology and to assist in upgrading the professional standards.

In 1958, the second Tennessee School of Beauty location was opened in Oak Ridge, TN. In 1962, the third generation of Browns, Mr. Gordon Brown, joined the family business. Then in 1970, the third Tennessee School of Beauty location was opened in Alcoa, TN with Gordon Brown as Director. Mr. Brown served on the Board of Directors for Teachers Educational Council and served as Vice President on the National Association of Accredited Cosmetology Schools’ Board of Directors.

In 1987, after completing, with high honors, his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee, Mr. Adam Brown turned down a scholarship to law school to become the 4th generation of Browns to enter into the family business.

It is Adam Brown’s ideas and insight that have led the school into the 21st century. He continually stays “ahead of the game” and is the one who has led the school to offer Esthetics and Massage Therapy staying in the forefront of the Spa Industry. He has served on the Board of Directors of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools thus enabling the school to maintain their national placement contacts throughout the United States and enabling TSB to become aware of changes in the industry as they occur.

In 1998 Tennessee School of Beauty merged all of their locations into one state-of-the-art facility on Western Avenue where the school resides today. By having only one location, the school is able to offer students everything they need (classes, educators, customers, directors and guest artists) all under one roof. Mr. Adam Brown is the current Director and President of the school and still personally meets and assists prospective students with the admissions process.

In July 2012, Tennessee School of Beauty partnered with Redken to become a Redken Premier School, bringing advanced training and education to Knoxville.