Meet a TSB Instructor: Candy Booker

Earlier this week, we introduced Katelyn Jones, a cosmetology student at TSB. We will be following Katelyn over the next 10 months as she completes her education. We wanted to introduce Katelyn’s instructor as well so that you can learn a little more about her time at TSB!

Candy Booker is a Master Instructor of Cosmetology at TSB. Candy graduated from the Cosmetology program at TSB in 2003. She also completed the Esthetics program, and then the instructor training course. Candy has trained in Birmingham, Orlando, Las Vegas, and will be going to New York City soon to train at the Redken Exchange on 5th Avenue.

What is your favorite part of teaching at TSB?

“I love all of the activities that we do here. The students get really involved and are so creative. We do fashions shows, photo-shoots, and projects all of the time! It keeps them interested and it allows them to show their personality.”

Why did you choose to be a student at TSB?

“I always felt at ease here. When I toured the school, I met the owner, Adam Brown, who stressed that his door was always open to me. TSB has always had the best reputation in the area and is a top school in the United States. Since the school opened in 1930 and Adam is a fourth generation owner, I knew they would have the right connections. Everyone is always so available and helpful here; I just knew that this was home for me. There has always been a fun energy here when you first walk in the door.”

Why did you decide to continue your education with the instructor trainee program at TSB?

“I always knew that I wanted to teach. It is so rewarding and I love watching my students grow and succeed. My favorite part of my day is seeing the expression on the students’ faces when the information that I have taught clicks.”

What can you tell us about Katelyn’s class and how they are progressing so far?

“This class has been wonderful. They are all picking up so quickly and we have a lot of fun together. They work hard each day and it is really paying off. All of them have such a positive attitude and it shows through their work. I cannot wait to see how these students will grow over their time here and beyond. Today we are going on a field trip to local salons. We like to do this early in the course so that they can have an idea of their options when they graduate. We also like for them to meet our graduates that are salon owners to show them what they can achieve.”

What advice would you give to someone that is thinking about starting a career in Cosmetology?

“I would want them to make sure that this is truly their passion. It’s not easy work, but it is very rewarding. I would also suggest that students really do their research when considering other cosmetology schools. You should go to the school where you feel comfortable and the one that you feel will truly help you reach your goals. I believe that we have something a little different at TSB. Adam and George are always available to help students out when life happens and really care about helping the students in any way they can, even after they graduate.”

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